Some background

This blog serves as an exploration of my various interests: in education, the art of writing, the future, and living a good life, all united by my overarching interest in philosophy.

For this reason I have dubbed myself the “intrepid” blogger; intending this blog to be a documentation of my ‘fearless’ exploration into the oft perilous waters of philosophy.

This blog is my light, that I use not only to find my own way, but illuminate the way for others (hence the candle for a logo, and ‘lighting the way’ as a tagline).

Why I write

I write because it gives a sense of purpose to my reading and learning, but more than that, out of sheer enjoyment; it is enriching.

This blog has truly changed my life, giving me something to strive for outside the usual ‘do well at school, go to university, get a good job and retire when you’re 65’. It has expanded my horizons, and shown me whole new possibilities.

This blog has three express purposes (all naively ambitious, I know):

  1. To humanize philosophy. I want to show people why philosophy is such an integral part of human life, and has such an important role to play in the future.
  2. To reinvigorate a despondent nation. South Africa has settled into a pessimistic stupor, and I would like to rekindle some sense of national pride.
  3. To reinvent education. I want to do my part in bringing forth the new wave of education, grounding it in the philosophical principles it so sorely lacks.
I hope that through my writing I may provoke thought, and shine my own unique light on these age-old problems.