Through reading, I venture boldly forth into the perilous depths of philosophy, history and literature. Through writing, I assimilate these vast realms, article by article, casting light for others to see by. 

For this reason I have dubbed myself the “intrepid” blogger — a fearless explorer. My logo is a candle, and my tagline “lighting the way”, because this blog is my light, and, hopefully, the light of others.

Why I write

I write for enrichment, and out of sheer enjoyment. It gives purpose to my reading, and orders the chaos of my mind. 

This blog has four primary goals (all naively ambitious, I know):

  1. To humanize philosophy. To bring it back into the public domain, and to demonstrate its enormous power — to grow individuals, and shape society. 
  2. To reinvigorate a despondent nation. South Africa has fallen into a pessimistic stupor. I want to rekindle the national spirit, reinvigorate the government, and restore faith. 
  3. To reinvent education. To usher in a new ways of teaching and learning, grounded in philosophical principles, and harnessing modern technology. 
  4. To understand mortality. I believe, as Heidegger says, that we are “beings-toward-death”, and to understand the human condition, we must comprehend our mortality. My overarching question is this: what is death, and what does it mean?

I want to provoke thought, gather interest, change perspective, and shine my individual light on these greatest of human problems.