Living well

Sucking the Marrow Of Life

I am afraid that when we each of us die, we will discover, if we are perfectly frank, “that [we] had not lived”.

Leisure and Oppression
How being useless makes us human

This article is about the power of leisure – to dignify and uplift the oppressed. But further than that, it is an exploration of what makes us human, why our humanity is currently under threat, and what we may do to resist.

Zen and the Art of Writing

The principles of Taoism applied to writing: How we can write more harmoniously, and live a fuller life through the craft.

How philosophy can make you happier

The Hellenistic period. Alexander the Great has just died, leaving behind a nation ripe for the taking. Now warlords and tyrants do battle, killing innocent civilians in the process, seeking to carve out an empire. The people live in fear, and comfort comes only in the embrace of philosophy. Similar to these ancient denizens we …

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