Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

“Guillermo Del Toro!”, “Guillermo Del Toro!” I cried in celebration, with all the flair of an announcer signalling the entrance of a famed matador, rolling my R’s with the force of an old plane turbine spinning, spinning—annoying my brother to no end. Let me say, in my defense, that “Guillermo Del Toro” is a heap-of-fun …

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An Allegory of Apartheid
District 9

This is, if we must assign a genre, a sci-fi action movie. But that is entirely misleading. It is an action movie unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…

Poco Allegretto – Brahms Symphony No. 3

The first thirty seconds of this piece are the most exquisite I have heard. That one, prolonged melody – so tender, so earnest, so wistful – reduces my heart to a bleeding pool of warmth. Every. Single. Time.

12 Angry Men: Review and Analysis

This film is the epitome of the drama genre, presented in a manner utterly unlike most modern movies. This is storytelling at its finest…

Dune: A Review

… This really is a timeless book, a classic we will marvel at one hundred years from now, when perhaps many of its themes have reached their conclusion.